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Payment failed or declined

Sometimes it unfortunately goes wrong when you finalize a payment and you will not receive confirmation from us of your order. Here you can read what you can do best.

iDEAL payment failed

First check whether the payment has been debited from your account. If the payment has not been withdrawn, you will find a payment link in your webshop account under "My orders" with your order to still be able to make the payment. If you do not have an account you can place the order again or contact our customer service to send you a new iDEAL payment link.

Has the payment been written off and do you doubt whether the order has been received correctly because you have not received an order confirmation? Then check your spam box first (unsolicited e-mails). Another option is to look under order history in your account, here you can check whether the order has arrived correctly with us.

Credit card or PayPal payment has been refused

You have paid your order with credit card or PayPal and receive the message that the payment has been declined. Because both PayPal and Credit Card can be susceptible to fraud, the payments are checked by a large number of objective and automated criteria. For example, a payment can be rejected because the CVC code or expiration date has not been completed correctly. The payment can also be refused if an unsecured Wi-Fi location is used where fraud has already been detected.

We have no access to the reason why a payment is refused. In addition, a declined payment can not be re-executed. Unfortunately, we can not help you to figure this out. We advise you to place the order again and to use another payment method.

For more information we advise you to contact your credit card company or PayPal, depending on the payment methods you have chosen.


If you have questions or comments about your failed or declined payment, please contact our customer service.